Before playing shadow fight2 player should know these important things

Before playing shadow fight2 player should know these important things

If you are searching for the best fighting game then shadow fight 2 is for you which is single player online game. You can connect with your Facebook friends as well after long time developers launched it for IOS users like iPhone, Ipad etc. as per your choice you can choose your character with certain weapons and bullets. They will provide a certain type of special techniques to defend strong opposition. You can watch game review, and get now.

Ultimately, your main object is that you have to close the door of shadows in which you have to complete 6 countries in order to achieve it. Well, it is a popular game with certain advanced features and unique game mode. Here we are explaining everything in the game in order to win in several different countries and read to the final stage in the shadow fight 2. You should read limited edition tips that come with all special functions.

Win battles and become strong

Basically, shadow fight 2 completely based on weapons that you are using and after the completing each level you will get powerful weapons and strongest abilities of a person. They will promote you to use punches and kicks in the first level of the game. Well, you have to learn of main roles of kicks as compared to other resources. You can destroy your enemy with kicks and punches offer you meals and strikes on the head.  When other player coming to you, utilize your certain abilities and kill them, use a punch to spam the body. However, after reach to next to the wall, you will get the opportunity to unlock some resources by getting Shadow Fight 2 Cheats.

 Allocate Coins and gems

Don’t try to utilize coins on worthless tasks,  there are two options available to gems.  After the opening of the game, you should choose gear store menu. If you are completing such offers like by watching videos and other offers.  After watching 20 seconds video you will be rewarded with 1 gem and some other earning system available in the game.  By completing one achievement you will earn 1 stone that will increase rapidly. With the help of tournaments, survival and dual mode you can generate more coins.  If you are fighting with other players and running out of energy simply try one trick change date and time from your phone. After that restart game and your energy would be fulfilled completely.