Before playing shadow fight2 player should know these important things

Before playing shadow fight2 player should know these important things

If you are searching for the best fighting game then shadow fight 2 is for you which is single player online game. You can connect with your Facebook friends as well after long time developers launched it for IOS users like iPhone, Ipad etc. as per your choice you can choose your character with certain weapons and bullets. They will provide a certain type of special techniques to defend strong opposition. You can watch game review, and get now.

Ultimately, your main object is that you have to close the door of shadows in which you have to complete 6 countries in order to achieve it. Well, it is a popular game with certain advanced features and unique game mode. Here we are explaining everything in the game in order to win in several different countries and read to the final stage in the shadow fight 2. You should read limited edition tips that come with all special functions.

Win battles and become strong

Basically, shadow fight 2 completely based on weapons that you are using and after the completing each level you will get powerful weapons and strongest abilities of a person. They will promote you to use punches and kicks in the first level of the game. Well, you have to learn of main roles of kicks as compared to other resources. You can destroy your enemy with kicks and punches offer you meals and strikes on the head.  When other player coming to you, utilize your certain abilities and kill them, use a punch to spam the body. However, after reach to next to the wall, you will get the opportunity to unlock some resources by getting Shadow Fight 2 Cheats.

 Allocate Coins and gems

Don’t try to utilize coins on worthless tasks,  there are two options available to gems.  After the opening of the game, you should choose gear store menu. If you are completing such offers like by watching videos and other offers.  After watching 20 seconds video you will be rewarded with 1 gem and some other earning system available in the game.  By completing one achievement you will earn 1 stone that will increase rapidly. With the help of tournaments, survival and dual mode you can generate more coins.  If you are fighting with other players and running out of energy simply try one trick change date and time from your phone. After that restart game and your energy would be fulfilled completely.


Rules Of Survival – A Complete Guide

Rules Of Survival – A Complete Guide

If you love to play official Rules Of Survival then there are lots of things that you should know about this game. It is a role-playing game that can be played by people of different age groups. In this game, players have to play the role of a character that has to land on the island. It is not easy because there are lots of things that can affect their performance. Players should land on the island carefully and it is also important for them to make the good strategies before getting started to play against the opponents.

On every island, there are more than hundred players present and you need to compete against them. You should put your best possible efforts in order to kill all the enemies and also to be the last man standing on the island. For this, you can use a variety of weapons and there are also lots of other in-game items that can assist you to play the game.     

About the weapons

There are lots of weapons available in the game that you can use to kill the enemies. It is also one of the main aspects related to the game that also have a significant role. There are various kinds of weapons that you can use after unlocking them. These weapons can be unlocked by completing some special challenges or purchased from the game shop by spending money.  All the weapons are not same so you have to check out the vital details about them and also to check out their features and all.

It is really important for the players to select the best weapons to use. You also need to check out their importance while using them. Always choose the weapons as according to your needs or playstyle because it can also change the outcome of the match. 

Imperative tips for beginners

There are some tips that every player need to keep in mind while playing the game. All of these tips are listed below:

Ø  Always try to earn more and more currencies by playing the game.

Ø  It is important to focus on the gameplay to enjoy the game.

Ø  Always use the weapons carefully to kill the enemies.

Ø  Players can use vehicles to reach their desired destination quickly.

Ø  You can convert the diamonds into coins to get the required number of coins.

With the help of all these tips, players are able to get progress in the game quickly and also without having various issues.

Let’s know about the in-game currencies

After knowing the importance of weapons and other gameplay elements, you also need to know the importance of currencies to play the game in a better way. With the help of this, you can enhance your performance in the game. Some of the main currencies of the game are as follow:


The primary currency of the game is gold that can be used for various purposes in the game. With the help of gold, players can customize their own character in the game. Players also have an option to earn gold by completing different levels of the game. Players can earn the gold as according to their performance in the battles. This is the reason that they should try to perform better while playing the matches to earn more and more gold. There are limited methods to earn this currency so you should spend it wisely.


There is also a premium currency present that is known as diamonds. With the help of this currency, players can buy lots of premium items from the game store. In this way, you can also customize the character of the game. If you don’t have enough coins in the game then you can also use the diamonds to meet the different needs.  In order to get the desired number of diamonds, players can also spend their real life money which is also one of the convenient methods or by getting Rules Of Survival Hack

After checking out the beneficial information about in-game currencies, players can make progress in the game. They can also get knowledge that how to earn the currencies and also the best ways to spend them.  


Learn How To Play Coin Master

Learn How To Play Coin Master

Are you excited to play coin master? If yes then it is important to download the game that allows you to play it on your mobile devices. After this, you can also enjoy the benefits that you can get from its various features offered by the game developers. The game has various gameplay elements that will definitely fall you in love with it. Before going to play the game, you have to make choices first. You need to decide that you want to play as a guest or by login with the Facebook account. By logging in to the game can help you to get more features.

In this way, you can also save your progress or request coins and spins from your friends. With the help of this, you don’t need to face issues for earning currencies or resources of the game. It is also one of the amazing benefits that you can get while playing the game.

Let’s know the game

The game is introduced for Android and iOS users and they can download the game for free. The game has a unique gameplay and features that will also help you to get unlimited fun by playing it. The game is free to play but also includes some in-game features for which you have to spend money. It is important for the beginners to play the game with lots of consideration.

In this way, they are able to make progress faster and also to get a better position in the game. There is also a slot machine available in the game that you can play with the help of spins. With the help of this, you can get rewards and in-game currencies. The number of coins that you can be earned depends on the outcome of the slot machine. 

What’s about villages?

In this game, you can find hundreds of villages that you have to unlock in the game. In order to upgrade the existing village, you need to construct various buildings. With the help of this, you can also unlock the new villages and try to upgrade them quickly. In order to upgrade a village, you need to unlock all the building in it. By doing this, you can easily earn coins and other currencies that can help you to compete in the game for a long time period.  In addition to this, there are lots of things that you need to do such as exploring the new villages, attacking other villages and much more. 

Apart from this, players have provided with the 75000 coins at the beginning of the game. With Coin Master Cheats, they can start playing the game that helps them to earn more coins. They can earn coins with the help of playing slots or winning the chests. They also have an option to buy the coins by spending their real life money. In this way, they don’t need to face issues or complication related to the shortage of currencies.

Episode- Choose your story: A beginner’s guide to create a story

Episode- Choose your story: A beginner’s guide to create a story


If you’re much of a fan of simulation gamer then this game is for you. Episode- Choose your story contains adult content but it is rated for adolescents aged 13 or more. You may come across many adult content that is not just right for a 13 year old children. The developers of this game are Episode Interactive and they had added warnings on story that contains mature themes and strong language. Such content should be avoided by kids. So the question arises, “How to create your Story?” and we have come up with a guide for you on this topic.

How to create a Story

It is easy to do work if one has to create a story in Episode-Choose your story.  One just has to come up with a good idea of the story and try to make it interesting for a user. Personally, everyone is bigger fan of the web browser based creation system which let you work on your story easily being in your comfort zone. That can be done by visiting the website and then clicking on the ”Create a Story” option on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Once that’s done it will ask you to login, one can login with Facebook or Twitter. After you have successfully logged in it will launch the creation system for you to make you own stories in Episode-Choose your story. Making stories on computer is a bit complicated but if want it to work out of your comfort zone then you should do it here only.

And if you want to be in comfort zone and want it to be a bit easy task then you have a option to create your story while using your Smartphone and the mobile application come in handy which takes only 78MB of your Space and runs smoothly. To create a story, press the three lines on the top left of your mobile screen. These lines will open up a menu and scroll that list until you find CREATE and simply tap on it and the story editor will launch. Now you can make your own story on your smart phone anywhere.

Bottom line

This guide was all about creating a story in Episode-Choose your story and don’t forget to work harder before publishing your own story.  I hope that you will find this guide very useful to create your own amazing stories. So and you can try Episode Hack.