Ultimate Guide to Choices: Stories you play

Ultimate Guide to Choices: Stories you play

Choices stories you play is a simulation-based RPG genre games and this can be played on your mobile phone. Developed by Pixelberry, this game is available for both Android and iOS platforms. There are many more games like these that also you can play on your handy Smartphone but when it comes to Choices Stories you play cheats, it is totally a different perspective. Pixelberry has published 2 more games that are also simulation genre and based on teen life, i.e. Hollywood U and High school story.

This game comes in so handy if we talk about its size that it takes on your mobile phone. With such small size and super cool gameplay with amazing graphics, this game is all in one pack of entertainment for all users. In order to play this game, there are 3 books to choose from and these 3 are really interesting with different story and suspense in every chapter. Book 1 is a romance type book and you’ll be playing as a college student with several dates.

Book 2 is a thriller and crime based where you’ll be playing a detective and in order to complete till the end, you’ve to take down the Hitman. Book 3 is a fantasy game with a really interesting story and it’s better to not tell you more about this. There are many things that can get you confused and you’ll need some guidance and guidelines in order to complete this game. So we’ve come up with few important tips and tricks that can help you to be a better player. So let’s get started –

1. What are the currencies present in the game?

Well, developers have given us 2 types of currencies to play d=from and that are diamonds and keys. Both these currencies are automatically generated but it takes too much time and no one loves waiting for these in a game. So, on every completion of the chapter, you’re awarded by keys and diamonds and you should keep collecting them and use them in the end.

Both these currencies play an essential role in this game in order to be a better player. These diamonds are a premium currency and that’s why these are used to unlock premium chapters whereas keys are used to unlock normal chapters. These can also be used to buy premium dresses and these can make you look good, nothing else.

2. How to Switch Stories

When it comes to switching stories, you’ve to be smart enough to know these because some people hesitate and as a result, they won’t get to know about this switching. Switching stories are really easy and you can do this by going out of your current stories and get into the choosing book menu. That will take you to choosing menu where you can easily choose your desired book from the three of them,

3. Replaying Chapters

When you’ve get into the chapters then you shouldn’t be making mistakes and in order to be thinking like, you’ll replay and make it good. Sorry, but this game won’t allow you to replay these chapters and you have to be active while playing this game. Don’t ever try going back to let yourself play again as it will delete your progress.

Bottom Line

There are many games in the gaming market that you can play choices from but this game is really great to play. If you’re a newbie then you may have come across some new things that you should be wondering about. You can use this guide to help you know all about this game.


All You Need To Know About Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

All You Need To Know About Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is based on the harry potter series which is loved by countless people in social media. Well, this is a game which also has a unique storyline and awesome graphics that will definitely fall you in love with it. There are several things that you should know about the game in order to start playing it. The game is also getting popular among the millions of game lovers due to lots of reasons. You can download this game from the Google play store as well as apple app store for free.

It is also important to check out the reviews and rating of the game on the play store before going to download it. There are many in-game features that are also making the game more interesting. With the help of playing this game, you can also flavor up your game experience. 

What’s about the gameplay?

Most of the players don’t know the fact that it is a role-playing game in which players they need to play the role of a character. They can also customize it as according to their desire by revealing new outfits and buying various in-game items. There are many exciting features that can help you out to play the game in a perfect manner to have an amazing game experience. In this game, a lot of suspense can be seen on the different levels which are also making the player more excited.

Well, there are many side tasks also offered by the game developers that can help you to earn in-game currencies and resources. By completing them in a proper manner, players are able to earn enough resources with Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats that they can use for the desired purposes in the game.

What’s interesting?

When it comes to Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery then it is a role-playing game in which your character ill attend a magic school. There are plenty of things to learn and do which will surely fall you in love with them. Here, your character can learn the spells, attend magic classes and also complete some quests also. There are lots of choices that players have to make in the game which is also one of the aspects related to the game. There are many other characters present with you can interact to have fun and also to enjoy the gameplay in a perfect manner.  

Free to play

The most amazing feature of the game is that it is free to download as well as play. You don’t need to pay any single buck to play this game which is also one of the big advantages. You don’t need to spend money to enjoy the features of the game. Well, there are many other things for which you have to spend money like for buying the in-game currencies from the store and also for many other things. by spending money, players can easily acquire currencies which also make their game easier and simple to play.

Some important tips

There are lots of tips and tricks which players should follow in order to play the game in an effortless way. In order to check out these tips, you should read out the tips listed below:

·         It is important to spend the energy for different tasks during the lessons wisely. There are limited ways to earn energy so you should always use it for important things.

·         Never play the game without having any strategies in your mind, it can also create lots of issues in future that can stop you to enjoy the game.

·         Complete the tutorial and it will help you to get an idea about the real game and also to learn how to play efficiently.

·         Always focus on the gameplay and try to play the game by putting your best possible efforts. With the help of this, you can level up easily and it helps you to refill the energy meter. 

With the help of all these tips, players are able to eliminate all the issues that they are facing while playing the game. In this way, they can also make their free time more interesting by playing this game without any stress. 




A Beginner’s guide to Fortnite

A Beginner’s guide to Fortnite

Fortnite is a multiplayer game and it is one of the famous games in the gaming market. There are many multiplayer fighting games like PUBG, CS and much more. Developed by Epic Games, this game is almost available on every single gaming platform. You can buy this game for free from any gaming market or if you’re a phone user then you can download this game from the app store directly. There is nothing like this game and you’ll get addicted to its gameplay. While you’re playing this game you have to make walls, stairs and you can make your own way by making such things.

When you start the game you’ll find yourself in an island and don’t you move without finding guns and other tools by getting Fortnite Hack. Because there 99 other players out there and you have to survive till the end in order to win this game. If you want to win easily then follow these below-mentioned steps. –

·         Try to dive as fast as possible in order to get down faster than others and this will make you dominant over other players by getting the loot.

·         Don’t land on a barren land or you’ll regret landing there. There will be nothing on an open land so always try to jump over a building and higher the number of buildings higher the loot.

·         Unlike PUBG, you can’t stop in this game as if your character stops for more than a minute then it may die easily because of the spreading poison.

Bottom Line

There are many games like this in which you’ve to fight against real-time opponents but this game is totally different with almost similar gameplay. In order to be a better warrior, these quick tips mentioned-above can help you master the game.

The Ultimate Guide For Homescapes

The Ultimate Guide For Homescapes 

Playing Homescapes game is one of the activities that are full of fun. If you are a fresher and willing to play this game then you have to know its various aspects. The most important thing that they should know is that the game is not only about solving puzzles but also includes other interesting gameplay elements.  In order to play this game, players have to learn the different techniques to earn resources and currencies of the game. Players can earn currencies by playing the game and they can also acquire resources in the form of rewards, so learn more abou this.

What’s interesting?

As you all know that the game is interesting to play so most of the people prefer to play it. You can start playing it after downloading it which is absolutely free of cost. Players can also play it for free but they need to pay money for in-game purchases or use Homescapes Hack. There are lots of items that they need to buy for playing the game in an effective manner. You can see that there are some important in-game items present that are boosters and power-ups. All these items have their own significance in the game so you have to use them wisely.

The storyline of the game is really interesting and it will make you addictive to the game. There are lots of amazing features and gameplay elements. You can play this game without getting bore because it allows you to show your creativity.

 Decorate the home

Decorating or renovating the home is one of the important aspects of the game to which you should pay attention. There are some people who are also ignoring it which are not a big deal. People who are not interested to decorate the home then they can only solve puzzles and level up in the game. To renovate the home, there are some tasks which players need to complete and these always costs some stars. You should also check out them and try to complete those that you can afford as according to the number of stars that you have.

In addition, players also have an option to change the style of decoration for which they have to spend coins. By spending the coins, they can easily swap the furniture, change the wallpapers of the home. They can also unlock more rooms in the home with the help of completing different levels in the game.