FIFA Mobile- Getting Smart with the Tactics

 FIFA Mobile- Getting Smart with the Tactics

FIFA Mobile is just another sports genre game that is going dramatically famous all over the play store and twitter. This game is available in both iOS and Android platform and takes up much less space with some great graphics. Sometimes this app can lag because of its high graphics but it has a great gameplay overall.                  

There are few things that I wish I knew before are listed below-

1)      Once you’ve started playing this game, try levelling up ASAP. As you get to higher levels start playing attack mode to earn coins and stamina value. For each win in attack mode you get a approx of 85exp and this will help you level up much easily and quickly.

2)      Once you’ve reached level 5, now it’s time to join a league. While choosing a league look for a league which contains more members as 20 or more than 20 will work. Don’t waste time being in an inactive league. Try looking for interesting players and this will give you chance to play as a teammate and talk about game. Somehow if you get into a league where no one is talking just get yourself removed from that and look for a new league.

3)      You have to be efficient while choosing live events that pay you a ton of rewards. While looking for live events. Try to choose events with drills as it will need less stamina and gives out good rewards.

Different modes to play in the Game

·         Live Events- Live events are the daily challenges that are given to users and it helps to earn great rewards and coins easily. Some of these live events can be played anytime but some of these expire at a given time. So you have to open it before it expires in order to earn rewards.

·          Attack Mode- This is a multiplayer mode which can’t be synced. This model offers a lot of rewards. While playing in the attack mode you have half of the match’s time with ball by your side and then the other half is for opponent. Now the opponent will play its turn and play half against your defenders controlled by AI. Then this process will repeat itself for the second half.

·         Seasons and Leagues- Season let you join a league out of many or one can simply build its own squad and recruit new players. The start on your own can be difficult and it can give you a hard time but it will be totally worth it. Once you’ve build your own team, now you can start competing and earn popularity and higher ranks.

Managing Your Teams

1)      Build up your 11- There are 27 available spaces for players but you can only use 11 in the game while playing. You should use your time wisely while choosing these 11 players as these are going to perform in the match. You can also buy some high rated players from the FUT market and this will let you play with much ease.

2)      Positioning- The only thing that affects a lot of gamers is the positioning of the players. Even after buying high rated players they are unable to win against lower teams. It all comes to positioning of the players. Attackers should be needed in order to defend the defenders and vice versa.  

3)      Rating is not everything- When it comes to buying player, don’t just fall for overall rating. Try looking for needed attributes as per your need. As some players can be good at attack only or some can be used as a great defender, some can be fast enough or they can be different in every aspect.

4)      Using the FUT Market- Make the best use of the given in-game market to buy accessories and some great players. This will help you fight your opponent easily and let you earn great rewards.

Bottom Line

Have fun while playing as this is a game after all. Don’t try to run after unauthorized hacks as you can get permanently banned from the game. I hope this guide works great for you and I’ll be coming up with some new tips and tricks with Fifa Mobile Hack. Stay Tuned.



Essential Things Need To Know About Homescapes

Essential Things Need To Know About Homescapes

Are you excited to play Homescapes? There are many people who love to play this game due to its amazing features and impressive gameplay. The game is not all about solving puzzles but also includes some home renovation tasks. Most of the players who love to do creativity shouldn’t ignore the importance of this game. By playing this game, they can get a best gaming experience and also able to make their free time interesting and fun loving.

There are many things to do for the players in game which is making it more popular. Most of the players are playing this game all the time without getting bored. Let’s check out in the social media the ways to get in-game resources in the further article to ease up your task.   

How to earn bonus coins?

If you are playing this game then you may also know about coins which are the main currency of the game. It can be used to change the décor of the home and also used to buy the extra lives so you can play the game with ease. Always try to earn more and more coins on every level to get the desired number of lives, furniture and carpets. There are lots of methods that can help you out to earn coins in the form of rewards.

When you are playing the game and complete any of the stage then you can get 50 coins as rewards. You also have an option to win some bonus coins for which you have to complete the level before running out moves. With the help of remaining moves, you can get the power ups that you can use to complete any difficult stage quickly. To earn maximum number of coins at every level, you need to remove all the pieces from the board. 

Other ways to get coins

Players may don’t know various methods of earning coins but you can get Homescapes Hack and have everything. Well, there are plenty of methods or ways to earn coins in the game. It is really easy to acquire coins due to the availability of lots of options. Players can win lots of coins by completing the day 1 or day 2 objectives related to the home renovation. After this, they can get the special gifts which contain coins. For this, you need to see the to-do list in the left corner of the screen. Here, you can check out various tasks that you need to complete. After completing all these tasks, you can get special gifts.  

Players can also get a great amount of coins only by connecting their game with the social networking account Facebook. With the help of this, they can get 1000 coins and it is really advantageous. In this way, you can easily load your game account.

Get free lives

You can see that there are many players who are facing issues due to low number of lives while trying to complete any stage or level. For getting the lives, they need to wait for 30 minutes and it is a time consuming task. Most of the players ignore this option and go for buying them from the game shop. By spending the real life money, they can easily get the desired number of lives instantly.  The best and easiest method to get lives is by requesting them from friends. You can request lives from your Facebook friends. 

By connecting you game account with the social networking site Facebook, you can easily get connected with your friends. Always try to get connected with the active players to get the lives instantly to play. You should also send the lives to your friends in order to give them assistance. 



Ways to Pick The Very Best Chainsaw For The Cash

Ways to Pick The Very Best Chainsaw For The Cash


It is great to spend for things that make your life simpler. Among the important things that you can spend for is a chainsaw. Maybe you may ask why spend for in when you can simply hire someone to do the cutting for you. Well, you can in fact hire somebody, however when you consider it, hiring somebody each time would cost more and if you accumulate the expense, you might have already owned your personal chainsaw. Considered that, the question now is how will you pick the very best chainsaw for the cash? Here are some pointers that you may wish to think about before buying best chainsaw for milling:

Pointers to keep in mind while buying chainsaw

Among the first things that you need to look into is the brand. This is because you would wish to get a quality brand and not simply any type. Usually, those items with known brands use more quality and resilience knowing that they can not jeopardize on putting a bad picture of the name that they have established for a long period of time.


Another thing that you need to think about is the rate. Do not be tricked in getting inexpensive chainsaws because you may not get the worth of your money that you are spending for. An excellent and high quality chainsaw would not cost less than $150. Of course, there may be cases that there are huge discounts and deals. If you are planning to buy online, ensure that the cost of the item that you are getting is not too excellent to be true.


There may be physical shops that use discounts and deal sales; you may wish to examine that out. This provides you more savings knowing that you can get an extremely trustworthy item at an extremely economical cost.

How about checking reviews of chainsaws

Checking out item evaluations is a terrific way to inform yourself on which of chainsaw is a terrific buy. You can compare as many items as you can so that you can get the very best. You can also check out reviews a minimum of you have a concept about the disadvantages of specific items. Most notably, enter into different online forums where you can ask questions from different users who can assist you in your decision-making.


If you have a possibility to go to a physical store, aim to acquire the different items by attempting them on. You can ask the sales representative on which one is the most chosen by many home and homeowner. By attempting to hold them, you can have a much better feel on which is simpler to control and bring. This also assists in looking at for how long you can withstand in bring the devices.


Always keep in mind to get something that has a longer item and service guarantee; this way, if there are factory flaws that will just show after a couple of months of utilizing it, you can just return it for replacement or repair without investing a penny.