Basic Instructions about Jurassic World Alive

Nowadays the world is filled with lots of different sources to entertain yourself. Among all other sources, Jurassic World Alive is one of the most interesting and adventurous game to play in your daily routine. By playing the game daily on a regular basis, it makes people feel relax and make them stress-free. It is the best way to utilize your leisure time by playing it more and more.


Jurassic World Alive is the most popular game among all, and one must require some best tips and tricks to go far in the game. The more and more you apply some tips and strategies, the more it becomes easy for the users to play. It is recently launched by Ludia, and its size is almost 70 MB.


Useful Tips


  • Proper use of in-game currency – It is a very important method to save your earned money by spending them more carefully. One should spend these currencies only on more important things or get more currencies for free with Jurassic World Alive Hack. The gamers must think properly before they are going to buy something efficient and effective.
  • Unlock more and more dinosaurs – It refers to unlock more and more various types of powerful dinosaurs in order to become the best player in the game. The more powerful and dangerous dinosaurs you have the more your chance of a win will increase.
  • Try to increase speed – Speed matters a lot in the game. The player who hit or attack first on other players will be the winner in the game. So, it is necessary to move fast while the battle is going and try to attack or hit your enemy first in order to win the battle.




The game considers various types of dinosaurs which are their different types of skills and abilities to perform. Users have to unlock more and more dinosaurs in order to earn more currency and become perfect in it. Following are some dinosaurs in the game –


  • Carcass – These are very bad, and plenty of these dinosaurs are killed by others.
  • Hatchling – These are so cute, and they are not strong enough to compete in battle.
  • Survivor – These are very solid and are most important among all other dinosaurs.
  • Specialist – These are used in surprise victories on occasion.
  • Alpha – Alpha dinosaurs are the best among all and defeat all other dinosaurs easily.
  • Apex – These are the most powerful out of all dinosaurs and having more skills and abilities than others.


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